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If you would like to have Mojave Max visit your school, talk about desert tortoises, and talk more about the Mojave Max Emergence contest, teachers may contact our friends at Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association and request a Mojave Max Assembly application. You can email Mojave Max Program Manager Elsa Romero at Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association or call her at 702-258-7097 to get more information about Mojave Max school assemblies.

Mary and Zel Lowman, 4225 N. Lamont St., Las Vegas, Nevada 89115


School: Mary and Zel Lowman
4225 N. Lamont St.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89115

Phone #:  799-4930
Grade Levels: 2nd-5th
Number of Students: 450 (approx.)
Contact: Dr. Kathy Konowalow
Principal: Dr. Kathy Konowalow
Performance Zone: 2
Academic Manager: Anna Webb
County Commissioner: B- Tom Collins