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Mojave Max has a lot to teach your kids about native desert species and conservation!
We hope the following resources will help you continue spreading the message of Mojave Max in the classroom and beyond!

Assembly Presentations

The Mojave Max Program provides educational assemblies in Fall and Winter of each year. The assemblies include appearances by a Ranger who discusses desert tortoise biology and conservation, an educator who discusses Mojave Desert weather which plays an important part in Mojave Max’s emergence, and the Mojave Max mascot. The assembly application is currently closed and will reopen in the Fall of next year. Clark County teachers for grades K-6, if you would like to request a Mojave Max Assembly and have the Mojave Max team visit your school to talk more about desert tortoises, the Mojave Desert and the Mojave Max Emergence Contest, please check back next Fall when the applications are reopened. Maybe Mojave Max can visit your school next!!  

Tortoise Talks

Clark County School District teachers and youth organizations may request an individual Mojave Max presentation. Unlike the Mojave Max assemblies, individual presentations are conducted year-round. We will visit your school or club to teach a 45-minute lesson about the desert tortoise and its habitat, the Mojave Desert.  The lesson also includes information about Mojave Desert weather, desert tortoise biology, and the importance of desert conservation. Teachers, please note that more than one class can attend the presentation if desired.  The presentation is fun, interactive, curriculum-based, and best suited for kids ages 6-12. Please fill out the attached form to request a presentation!  You can also email Mojave Max Program Manager, Heather Green for more information.

Mojave Max Emergence Contest

Beginning each year at the beginning of November, Clark County students and teachers can submit a guess as to when they think the real live Mojave Max tortoise will emerge from his burrow at Springs Preserve.  The student who guesses closest to Max’s actual emergence time will win a laptop computer, a digital camera, and an “America the Beautiful” year-long pass to National Parks and Federal Recreation areas. The winner’s entire class will receive T-shirts and Olympic-style medals, as well as a field trip and pizza party at Springs Preserve. The teacher of the winning student will also receive a laptop computer.

To enter the contest just click on the Emergence Contest page where you can read more about the contest and enter your guess.

Mojave Max Education Manual

Would you like to teach the Mojave Max lessons in your own classroom?  The Mojave Max Education Manual is yours to download, print and use as you’d like. This manual is chock full of information about the Mojave Max program. The manual has information about the life cycle of the desert tortoise and a number of lesson plans that you can use to teach your students.

Stay Social with Mojave Max

Brought to you by the Clark County Desert Conservation Program and its partners.

Resources for students and teachers

Mojave Max believes in enjoying his desert home and he wants everyone to learn how to keep it safe, how to Respect it, Protect it, and Enjoy it. To do that, he and his friends have collected many fun resources that will help you get started exploring his world.

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