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Fun Stuff for Kids

Play with Mojave Max and his friends to learn more about desert tortoises and their desert homes.


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Tortoise Patrol Pledge -- Mojave Max needs you!

Tortoise Patrol Members can make a big difference in keeping tortoises like Max safe and happy! Take the Tortoise Patrol Pledge today and help keep our desert great for everyone! 

  • As a proud member of the Tortoise Patrol, I promise to do these things to protect desert tortoises:
  • I will not take tortoises from the desert or hurt their desert homes.
  • I will do my part to keep our deserts clean.
  • I will stay on the roads and trails when traveling through the desert.
  • I will respect, protect, and enjoy our desert!

Repeat the pledge to your parent or teacher, and teach the pledge to your friends and family. 

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