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Frequently Asked Questions

Mojave Max enjoys answering questions like himself, so he gets all kinds of questions from people of all ages! If you have a question about desert tortoises, the desert habitat, desert conservation, Red Rock Canyon, or the Emergence Contest, you can ask him too! Just fill out the form on this page to send your question right to Mojave Max and his helpers. Maybe you'll find your question on this page someday!

Where can I purchase Mojave Max merchandise?

You can purchase Mojave Max merchandise at the Elements Gift Store located in the visitor’s center of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and adjacent to Mojave Max’s habitat!

Open Daily
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
1000 Scenic Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89124

Besides great Max items, the store has a huge selection of books, art, apparel, and other great gifts. All proceeds support public outreach programs at Red Rock Canyon. These efforts include special events, hikes, school groups, community groups, exhibits, signs, and publications.

For more information on purchasing Mojave Max products, contact:

Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area
(702) 515-5379