Mojave Max

Great Books

Are you curious about how Mojave Max and his friends survive in the arid desert environment? A world of fascinating information about desert animals and their habitats awaits you at your  library or bookstore! We have a variety of books available at the Elements Gift Store located in the visitor’s center of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and adjacent to Mojave Max’s habitat!

Here are some of our favorites for all ages. For your convenience, we have put Amazon links for each book so you can read reviews or purchase the book.

Life in the Slow Lane; A Desert Tortoise Tale

Conrad J. Storad
Life in the Slow Lane; A Desert Tortoise Tale

In delightful rhymed verse, Conrad J. Storad tells the story of the tortoise and explains how it has adapted to survive. 2007 Glyph Award - Best Cover Design Children's Book.

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