Mojave Max

Great Books

Are you curious about how Mojave Max and his friends survive in the arid desert environment? A world of fascinating information about desert animals and their habitats awaits you at your  library or bookstore! We have a variety of books available at the Elements Gift Store located in the visitor’s center of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and adjacent to Mojave Max’s habitat!

Here are some of our favorites for all ages. For your convenience, we have put Amazon links for each book so you can read reviews or purchase the book.

Adaptation (Science Concepts Second)

Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein, Laura Silverstein Nunn
Adaptation (Science Concepts Second)

There are creatures living in almost every part of the world, from the hot, rainy tropics to the icy polar caps, and from the dry desert to the depths of the ocean. No matter where they live on Earth, all living things seem to be perfectly suited to their environment. Scientists say that these adaptations did not happen overnight. They are the result of a long process of gradual changes over many generations. Well-known science writers, Alvin and Virginia Silverstein and Laura Silverstein-Nunn, explain Darwin's theory of evolution, unique adaptations of humans and other animals, and what the latest research reveals. Beautifully illustrated in glossy full color throughout.

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