Mojave Max

Mojave Max desert tortoise cruising in his Red Rock Canyon habitat.

Hi, I'm Mojave Max!

I am the official mascot for the Clark County Desert Conservation Program and its partners. Since 1995 I’ve been telling folks about native species, what they can do to protect their local environments, and how to safely explore and enjoy our desert!

Please look around my website and learn all about how you can respect, protect, and enjoy our wonderful desert!

Did You Know?

Did you know that Mojave Max is a live desert tortoise who lives at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area? Like other Southern Nevada reptiles, Max enters a burrow to brumate (the reptilian form of hibernation) every winter and emerges every spring. Mojave Max’s emergence marks the unofficial start of spring in Southern Nevada. Mojave Max was born in 1990 and calls Red Rock Canyon his home.

What Does Mojave Max Do?

Mojave Max has hosted the annual Mojave Max Emergence Contest since 2000 and has come to be known as quite a weather indicator for the west coast.

The Mojave Max mascot visits schools and teaches students about the Mojave Desert that we live in, all about desert tortoises like himself, and he also tells students all about the Mojave Max Emergence contest.

Mojave Max would love to be a part of your school curriculum. If you’re interested in having the Mojave Max mascot visit your school, talk about desert tortoises, and tell you more about the Mojave Max Emergence contest, please have your teacher contact Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association and request a Mojave Max Assembly application. You can email Andy Hart at Southern Nevada Conservancy or telephone him at 702-258-8265.

Maybe Mojave Max can visit your school next!! Until then, check out the Kids Adventure page and the Resources section of the website to find fun things to do with Mojave Max.


Mojave Max wants you to enjoy our beautiful desert. Remember that you can help preserve our desert by doing the following:

  • Always stash your trash. Please don’t litter.
  • Leave soils, rocks, plants, and animals alone.
  • Stay on established roads and trails.
  • Please respect, protect, and enjoy our desert!

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