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When will Max wake up? Learn all about Max's emergence contest and discover how you can win cool prizes!

Max can help your students learn about desert conservation.  Find classroom resources, teaching aids, and helpful links here.

What can you do to help Max respect, protect, and enjoy our desert?  Do you know the Mojave Max song? Find out here!

Look here for other great websites about the desert, including regional information, weather, and state program resources.

Look here for information about Mojave Max, the Mojave Desert and other desert information!
Species Account Manual
You will find information on dozens of native desert species in our  Species Account Manual.


I am Mojave Max, and I have been very busy since I became the Spokestortoise for the Clark County Desert Conservation Program  in 1995. I have been telling people about native species, what they can do to protect their local environments, and how to safely enjoy nature!

I've been hosting the annual
Mojave Max Emergence Contest
since 2000, and have become a weather prognosticator (predictor) for the west coast.  Although Clark County named me and gave me my "shell," other communities have adopted me. Folks from all over can participate in the emergence contest!
Please look around my website using the links on the left, and learn all about how you can respect, protect, and enjoy our wonderful desert!

If you would like to have me visit your school, talk about desert tortoises and talk more about the Mojave Max Emergence contest, please have your teacher contact my friends at Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association and request a Mojave Max Assembly application. You can contact Elsa via email at or by telephone at 702-258-7097. Maybe I can visit your school next!

Mojave Max has officially emerged on April 7, 2014 at 4:10 P.M!

click here to read the emergence announcement.

It is time to enter the contest!

As part of the 15th annual Mojave Max Emergence Contest, students have been studying Mojave Desert weather, temperatures and conditions to estimate when they believed Mojave Max would emerge from his burrow. They've entered their guesses and now the entries are being tabulated and the official winner of the Mojave Max Emergence Contest will be announced soon. The winning student will receive prizes including an "America the Beautiful" year-long pass to federally managed fee areas, a laptop computer and a digital camera. The winner's entire class will receive a field trip, with a pizza party, to Mojave Max's habitat, Mojave Max Olympic-style medals and T-shirts, while the winner's teacher will receive a laptop computer.
 For program information and website questions contact: Heather Green with the Clark County Desert Conservation Program